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            Changzhou Chuanlin Chemical Co., Ltd.

            Potassium Diphosphate
            Sodium pyrophosphate a
            Phosphorus pentoxide
            Polyphosphoric acid
            Tripotassium phosphate
            Red phosphorus
            Copper Pyrophosphate
            Phosphoric acid, techn
            Phosphoric acid, food
            Sodium hexametaphospha

            Chuanlin Chemical, which established in Changzhou in 2000, mainly produce phosphorous scrics products and sells home and abroad. Chuanlin wins good reputation on both quality and business credit in east China and owns wide phosphorous market and technical information.

            Chuanlin founded branch company in Sichuan Anxian, named Anxian Chuanlin Chemical company, which specialized in phosphorous production, research and development. The Anhydrous potassium series products, such as TKPP, DKP Anhydrous, ATKP has achieved remarkable results in the market, and has taken a leading position all over the country.

            Chuanlin chemicals, based on the philosophy of “professional, dedicated”, has taken over Mianyang Taiyuan chemicals company in 2013 and made a new production area there for deep exploitation. In order to meet the demand of the growing marker and promote the industrial upgrading and technology progress, the company will grasp the historic opportunity of eastern industry transferring.

            Chuanlin has been making great effect to promote its overall competition, making its products refinement and diversity, so as to develop further economic service for its homeland and to realize the business ideal and social values. An invest 100,000,000 Yuan has been put on a new project for production of 25,000 Tons of the fine phosphate products, including 6,000 Tons of Phosphorous pentoxide, 2,000 Tons of Pyrophosphorous cupric, 2,000 Tons of polyphosphoric acid, 5,000 Tons of red phosphorous (and also Coated red phosphorus), and 10,000 Tons of tower phosphates. The new project is non wast water discharging, fine security, standard waste gas let out, non-pollution.

            The Company adheres to the “professional, focused” concept, “create together, share together” spirit of enterprise. Comprehensively implement the scientific development concept, vigorously advocate energy conservation and emissions reduction, maximize enhancing resource utilization. To develop the green chemical industry, speed up the pace of mechanism, technology and management innovation.

            Chuanlin chemical following the “quality first, customers first” business principles, has committed to establish an “outstanding structure, resource saving” enterprise, with scientific management, advanced culture, environment friendly and harmonious atmosphere.

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