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            Changzhou Chuanlin Chemical Co., Ltd.

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            Red phosphorus

            Report number: CL2014062501       Date of issue: June 25, 2014

            Product name Red phosphorus Sample taking personnel Wang Yuan
            Sample supplying unit Storeroom Sample incoming date June 25, 2014
            Tested number 10 tons Inspection data June 25, 2014
            Lot number CL2014062501 Inspection standard GB 4947-2003
            Inspection item Standard request Inspection result Qualified or not
            Appearance Dark yellow particle, some have metallic lustre Qualified Qualified
            Mass fraction of red phosphorus (P)/% ≥98.5 99.2 Qualified
            Mass fraction of yellow phosphorus (P) /%  ≤0.005 0.003 Qualified
            Mass fraction of free acid (H2PO4) /% ≤0.50 0.30 Qualified
            Mass fraction of moisture /% ≤0.25 0.20 Qualified
            Fineness Qualified Qualified Qualified
            Conclusion Qualified

            Inspector: Li Chengsong                           Auditor: Wang Yuan

            Product information

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